Paradise Fitness City & Spa
"The City Of Fitness"

If you have a specific fitness goal in m ind or if you are searching for a new work out experience, then we might be just the solution for you. A special program can be designed specifically for you in order for you to archive your fitness goal.

Our Covid-19 Guidelines

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We focus on quality movement before quantity. Learn and master the most important patterns for you and regain your mobility, flexibility, and strength.

We guide you to improve your diet quickly with simple, healthy choices, tried and true methods, and old-fashioned accountability. Get strong in the club but get lean in the kitchen!

Consistency is the key to success in any endeavor. We treat all of our training as practice and offer many ways that allow you the opportunity to stay consistent in your journey.

We believe that strength is the master quality and, like bacon, makes everything better. We find that chasing strength always leads you to your goals no matter what they may be. We can help you achieve any goal, but you must be StrongFirst.

We teach an intentionally inefficient training style which delivers surprisingly efficient results. You will learn to work hard and smart to see improvement in less time.

By combining a well programmed strength practice with simple nutrition and lifestyle coaching you will learn how to lose weight in a healthy manner and become a better you. In practicing these strategies and creating healthy habits, long-term success is our goal!

Client says

Hear from our esteemed clients.

Nutty Neithan

Its happening tonight. Come get your fitness in sync @paradise_fitnesscity @ushershubu


Samson Kasumba

I am working on much in preparation for a massive martyr's day walk from Gulu to Namugongo. @paradisefitCity I do 1.5hrs hill run in Kololo then chest work then switch the next day to gym work and 30minute run.I am getting in shape. I do my albs before bed and first thing early.


Jose Chameloen

Thanks to @paradise_fitnesscity you need to check out the best trainers and special services Acacia Mall | Kololo Many affordable offers are on right now.


Winnie Nwagi

Wake up, get up, work out.


Charlie Denzel Mwiyeretsi

I'm yet to find anyting else that gets you in shape like boxing!!! Try it out sometime! I'm back at it again with @nasser_fitness_ at @paradise_fitnesscity. by @silent_screen_films


Pablo Kimuli

... Then I met a gentleman that introduced me to @parasise_fitnesscity at Acacia Mall.Oh my goodness! ...


Frequently Asked Questions

See what could help you get fit.

What happens when I check in?

After checking in at the reception you are given a bath and hand towel.

What Happens next after check in?

Then you can proceed to our keyless (Password Protected) locker rooms where you can change and keep your property safe.

How do I choose a workout routine?

You are guided by a trainer that takes you to the BMI (Body Mass Index) room for assessment.If you have a specific fitness goal in mind or if you are searching for a new work out experience; then the trainer might be just the solution for you.

Can a special program be designed for me to archive my fitness goal?

A special program can be designed for you in order for you to archive your fitness goal.

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